How to teach coding with virtual robots?  is a platform for coding institutes to teach coding and robotics to kids. Check out CodeRobo.AI, which contains a series of courses as games that introduce students to software programming and robotics to guide them in their robotics journey. The courses are created by robotics engineers who solve challenging real-world problems.

Coding institutes can use the courses in CodeRobo.AI to teach students. Students do not have to buy any expensive robots. Students control a robot in a virtual world, which provides a real-world immersive robot experience. CodeRobo.AI makes robotics and coding accessible to more kids. Every student can now have a robot to learn at the institute and at home. 

Using the virtual robot and courses in CodeRobo.AI, coding institutes can gradually teach kids the necessary skills for coding and robotics. In every course, students solve fun and challenging problems, giving them a good grasp of the topic. The robotics journey starts with the basics of programming using Blockly and extends into deeper concepts of robotics, like obstacle avoidance and pick-and-place robots. Over time, the student will learn high-level languages like Python to solve more complex problems.

Try out CodeRobo.AI to educate the next generation of kids. The CodeRobo.AI team's motto is to nurture kids' curiosity in robotics and coding. We look forward to you joining our mission of making coding and robots accessible to more kids. We would love to hear about your experience using CodeRobo.AI to teach students at your institute. 

The CodeRobo.AI team is working on many new features to enhance the teaching experience, which helps students better understand the concepts. Please join our newsletter for more updates. 

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